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中山 秀一(なかやま しゅういち)
岡山県出身 沖縄在住

【digest】中山秀一 展・記憶のレイヤード

turn the memory【A】

From water's edge to water's edge(2015)

These photos were taken in alignment with the walks along various watersides for the location scouting that started from Kumejima, Higashi, Yomitan of Okinawa, extending to Enoshima of Kanagawa, Takahashi River of Okayama in Japan, and finally the Fulong Beach in north Taiwan. I took these snapshots while walking along these riparian or shore for taking a reference to my art work production.
I like to walk along the water’s edge, for where is an embodied place for the circle of life and death. Whether it be a grain of sand or drift-stuff from anywhere, are all being there with some reason for existences.
When I tried to describe about the urban space we lives in my art work, the idea of water’s edge always occurred to me, and I can’t help but returning to those water’s edges and drawing along the routes. For me, this is also where my art works rooted in.

Shuichi Nakayama



2015.09.20 美術展「スッチョンチョンで行く2015」の展示に寄せて
中山 秀一


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